Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 200)

Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 200)

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Disinfectant Wipes

Our disinfectant wipes kill approximately 99.0% of all bacteria and viruses, and our easily affordable surface wipes keep offices, homes, and work spaces clean and free from germs. Designed for the disinfection of all surfaces ranging from worktops, sanitary ware, door handles, and stainless steel. Out wipes are perfect for healthcare, general cleaning, food preparation areas, and more. Our wipes are supplied in an easy to use the dispensing tub with an easy-to-grip handle for fast and efficient cleaning.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: 2Work
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 150x240mm
  • Biodegradable: No

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Other Terminology:

Cleaning Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

Anti-Bacterial Wipes